ThinkClock™ offers Remote Tracking Solutions using which you can manage your mobile resources more effectively without following them. Be your vehicles, be your personnel's or be any other valuable-in-transit; Keep tracking and guiding them remotely wherever they are operating and get their detailed track reports. This is an innovative and revolutionary solution made by marvelous integration of three next-generation technologies GSM-GPRS, GPS and GIS at ThinkClock™. The mobile resource is equipped with a device which calculates its location by receiving signals from GPS satellites, then it sends it's location coordinates to our system over internet through GSM-GPRS network. Our system maps this location using GIS and shows the exact position to the requesting client through our web-portal or on his mobile screen on street-level maps. products and technology


  • Real-time remote tracking through internet connected computer or GPRS enabled mobile on high-resolution street-level maps
  • Audio surveillance ?listen and monitor remotely without being known?also with two way communication support
  • Detailed reports ?path travelled with speed and time stamp, replay the trip, distance travelled
  • Auto-alerts by email/SMS/call about configured events like destination/location reached, deviation from set-path, over-speeding, accident/sudden-break, unauthorized stoppage, going-out from defined area
  • Route planning ? path distance, shortest / alternative path
  • Locate nearest vehicle, get expected time of arrival
  • SOS alert ?in case of emergency/accident inform the location to owner, police, hospital
products and technology

ThinkClock™ Locus-V: Solution for Vehicle Tracking

products and technology
  • Commercial Transporters
  • Taxi/Cab Agencies
  • Personal Vehicles (Car, Bike etc.)
  • Travel and Tour Operators
  • Public Transports
  • Logistics & Courier companies
  • Utility Services tracking of Police,Ambulance,Fire Service,Bank etc
  • Now keep an eye over your moving vehicles and have complete peace of mind; plan your routes and optimize the productivity; save fuel and time, reduce the operating cost; make accurate scheduling and provide better customer services.

    ThinkClock™ Locus -I:Solution for Personnel Tracking

    products and technology

    Now stop worrying about your beloveds- kids, wife, elderly parents, relatives, pets etc. when they are going out. You can track them, anywhere they are. Track field employees, Sales and Marketing staff, Delivery persons (Courier, Restaurants, Goods etc.) and Valuable-In-Transit

ThinkClock™ sets to redefine the telematics market with its flagship products Locus-I & Locus-V
Now track & listen your vehicles & beloveds @just 9990/- with no recurring charges
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ThinkClock™ brings your world @your fingertips Now Know the location of your vehicles & belovedsthrough SMS & IVRS