ThinkClock™ plans to offers Telematics solutions for driving safety and remote tracking & monitoring based on a common, evolutionary and scalable platform. Our solutions are developed by marvelous integration of three next-generation technologies; GSM, GPS and GIS, with some patent-pending proprietary technolo- gies of ThinkClock™.Based on our proprietary technology platform, we are develop- ing various cutting-edge products catering following domains.

Remote Surveillance & Security Solutions

Keep an eye on your asset 24x7 remotely, wherever you are in world and get informed about its status in real-time. Be it your business premise, be it your home, be it your vehicle or be it any other valuable resource which keeps your neurons stressed; Now you can monitor it remotely and have peace-of-mind.

Remote Tracking & Navigation Solutions

Manage your mobile resources more effectively without following them with our solution. Be your vehicles, be your personnel's or be any other valuable-in-transit; Keep tracking and guiding them remotely wherever they are operating and get their performance reports.

Remote Control & Automation Solutions

Operate and automate your machines remotely. When you are not there, why should they stop working ???... Let them talk you only when they really need your attention. Be your production machines at your factory, be your vehicles or be even your home appliances; You can control them now remotely from anywhere in the world.


ThinkClock™ Telematics Platform


ThinkClock™ Products & Services

ThinkClock™ sets to redefine the telematics market with its flagship products Locus-I & Locus-V
Now track & listen your vehicles & beloveds @just 9990/- with no recurring charges
Now monitor your Assets in real-time over mobile using our unique cell-phone based java application point your mobile browser to or download here
ThinkClock™ brings your world @your fingertips Now Know the location of your vehicles & belovedsthrough SMS & IVRS